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Limited Time Only - SBA pays 1st 6 months of loan payments when you buy a franchise

Uncle Sam wants you to launch a franchise! With the updated stimulus bill passed in December, the SBA is again waiving the first 6 months of payments on new loans. Here are some highlights: * All borrowers that close February 1st to September 30th will have their first 6 months of payments completely forgiven. * The SBA is increasing their guarantee to 90%. This means banks will be more willing to lend as the SBA takes on additional risk. * The 6 months of loan forgiveness will also apply to refinancing! Refinance non-SBA debt to qualify for the 6 months of forgiveness. * Current contractors looking to purchase trucks or equipment can use an SBA loan to get 6 months worth of payments for free. * The SBA is waiving the 3-5% origination fees on the loans!

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