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As a consultant and mentor for over 20 years, I have had the privilege of working with large and small businesses. Through that experience, I have learned that each business is unique, but every business needs good information and advice to prosper.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners figuring out who to trust and how to get help at an affordable price can be especially difficult.

Some believe the internet offers unlimited answers to any question. However, it can be a nightmare sorting out the nuggets of gold from the information that is marginally valuable or just plain wrong without the right experience.

The hope is that members of SavvySr will use the public Business Forum to share business information and advice that is timely and valuable to small business owners or those looking to start a business. If you are looking for new clients, it is a great way to build credibility!

This private Entrepreneurship Group is intended as the place for mentors and consultants to find partners and help each other. A place where you can get advice from other experts.

Remember that SavvySr, like any other "business," is always looking for ways to serve you better, so please also feel free to share your ideas about how we can better help you and your clients!


Welcome to the Entrepreneurship group! This is the place to ...


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