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Image by Simon Migaj


Retirement Reimagined

We live at a unique time in human history. Evermore people now “retire” with decades of life still to live. While that may sound like a great problem, most soon discover that filling all that time with something that gives them purpose or joy isn’t as easy as they think.

SavvySr is all about making this “third act” of our lives the very best part of our lives. It’s based on a simple idea that to be truly happy everyone needs “FAME” (Friends, Accomplishments, Money, & Entertainment).

Leveraging our members’ extensive life experience, we offer training and social events, coaching, travel opportunities, webinars, and online conversations based on our members’ extensive life experience. This personal, timely, and unique content both speeds learning and builds lasting friendships.

Bottom Line

Our vision is to pursue happiness and fulfillment as we age by pursuing passions with our friends.

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