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How did we get here?

Surprise, the plan was incomplete

Coworking Space

Act 1

As a child, listen and learn all you can, so... 

Act 2

As an adult, you can get a good job and retire early, so...

Act 3

You can spend the rest of your life enjoying yourself!

That was my plan. It worked pretty well, too, until I got to Act 3. It turns out that having no boss, no schedule, no work responsibilities can be liberating after years of hard work. However, as my mother was fond of saying, too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily good.

My family likes to joke about how many times I have failed retirement. Much to my surprise, it turns out that I enjoy having problems to solve, people to coach, and that sense of accomplishment when a plan comes together.

The problem is I also like to choose when and where I want to work, take extended vacations, and work with people I enjoy being around.

Many would correctly point out that this is simply another example of a spoiled boomer making unreasonable demands, and while they may be right, I have (mostly) figured out how to make it real.

SavvySr exists because many people already have or soon will find themselves in a very similar situation, and I think we can help each other.

I hope you will join me in this adventure and help me figure out how to evolve SavvySr into a resource that makes a meaningful difference in the quality of the rest of your life.


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